What we do

ACF is at the forefront of social innovation and change — transforming the way we address social and economic inequality, financial exclusion, poverty and women empowerment. To do this, we rely on the kind donations of our benefactors.

Whether you’re an individual, philanthropists, public/private and corporate institution, trust or foundation, we provide a secure platform for donations big or small. These donations enable us to empower individuals without hurting their self-esteem and ultimately, transform the beneficiaries of today into the benefactors of tomorrow.

Through the ACF Entrepreneurship Programme, we educate, train, and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs providing interest free finance to support the launch of micro, small, and medium sized enterprises.

Our Youth Enterprise Programme encourages talented young people to realise their potential and turn their business ideas into reality. ACF focuses to financially empower young people from marginalised communities.

Through our collaborative and community focused programmes, we seek to understand the issues and barriers facing our communities. Our innovative approach to community development is unique. We understand that everyone’s journey to economic empowerment and prosperity is different and that they need tailored made solutions to overcome specific challenges. We provide the support, tools, and inspiration they need to find a way through that works for them.

Through strategic collaborative partnerships with leading academics, experts, institutions and organisations, we seek to develop a better understanding of the financial needs and experiences of those going through economic hardships at grassroots level and provide them with tailor made solutions.

We need your help

In order to help individuals from marginalised communities embark on a journey of self-employment and improve their quality of life, we need your help. Your kind donation will allow people to financially empower themselves and enable them to support others in the future.

That’s what makes ACF so unique. Your donation will go a long way — continuously recycling itself in a community of people who feel empowered to support themselves, create jobs, and bring about positive change.

We rely on the kindness and generosity to change our communities. To become a benefactor and donate today, please follow the link below.


Impact of Sharing Generosity


Working Together

Turning Beneficiaries into Benefactors

Become a benefactor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a benefactor. You can donate to ACF online (one-off or monthly payment), by post, or by bank transfer. Click Donate Now to donate through your chosen method. If you’d like to speak to us, give us a call on 07980 927716 — we’re happy to help.

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The ACF Cycle

Based on the principles of benevolence and generosity, benefactors voluntarily donate to ACF to help others to succeed. Their generosity fuels the entrepreneurial ambitions of individuals and communities, turning dreams into a reality.

Working Together
ACF and its beneficiaries work together to start a new enterprise — for the good of the individual and our communities.

Turning Beneficiaries into Benefactors
As these businesses grow, so will the financial capabilities of our beneficiaries. They too will become benefactors and help others start a new businesses, just like them.

Impact of Sharing Generosity
We can all thrive together. Sharing prosperity through ACF is a better way to eradicate poverty. It stops financial and social inequality in a way that meets global developmental goals for sustainability.


Corporate Partnerships

If you are a public or private sector organisation (including credit unions, co-operatives, mutuals, educational institutions, charities, and social enterprises), you can join Assadaqaat Community Finance as a corporate member. Make a bigger difference to your community today and fill out our Corporate Partnership form.

Government Partnership

We are very pleased to be part of a new Welsh Government initiative aimed at helping unemployed people who are interested in starting their own business to overcome hidden barriers.

Read all about it here.

See the impact

Today, more than ever, we see the difficulties being faced by people within or communities. Assadaqaat Community Finance is here to help. Take a look at the success stories below and learn all about our beneficiaries’ journeys to financial empowerment.

Donate now

Funds generated through your kind donations are combined to create interest-free finance to aid entrepreneurship with the underlying goal that the beneficiaries of today will become the benefactors of tomorrow.