We’re an innovative not-for-profit and provider of financial support to aspiring entrepreneurs in the UK. We help all people, but we focus on women and youth in black, asian, and minority ethnic communities, because they face the biggest barriers when it comes to accessing support.

But we can only do this through the kind donations of individuals and businesses in our community. From individual public donations, to government funding, to corporate partnerships. Get in touch today to help us eradicate financial exclusion through entrepreneurship. Together, we can break barriers, enable entrepreneurship, and strengthen our community.


Through donations and partnerships, we provide interest and debt-free funding to UK entrepreneurs. Our pioneering community finance model offers a long-term solution. Not only can we help more people realise their business dream — they themselves become future funders, helping the next generation of entrepreneurs (the ACF loop). Because the very premise of community finance is just that — community.


We don’t stop at interest-free finance. No one can grow a successful business on an idea and funding alone — they need the right business skills to make it work. Our expert team offers mentorship and training programmes to ensure our entrepreneurs feel empowered, clued-up, and confident in business. We also work directly with women and young people to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.


Assadaqaat is what we call the Islamic principles of beneolvence. The idea is simple —
philanthropy creates philanthropists. No, you don’t need to belong to Islamic Faith to apply for finance from ACF (we are an inclusive organisation that offers finance opportunities to all individuals from different faiths or no faith), but our principles in philanthropy are at the heart of what we do. Supporting our communities financially and delivering measurable social and economic impacts are the hallmarks of the Assadaqaat financial model.

We will...

Enable and empower entrepreneurs by igniting aspirations, realising dreams, and providing access to finance, training, and opportunities.

We will...

Address social and financial inequality, support global goals, and create a fairer and more inclusive society.

We will...

Act with trust and integrity, and promote shared prosperity and common good in our community.

Executive Management Team

Akmal Hanuk

Founder and CEO

Fiona McLaren

Business Development

Eve Goldsbury

Business Advisor & Mentor

Arsalan Sajid

Youth Enterprise Programme

Suzanne Whiteside

Admin & Programmes Co-ordinator

The ACF Board

Dr Ahmad Jamal

Chair & Founding Member of the Board

Professor Saleem Kidwai

Founding member of the Board

Dr Hatice Kizgin

Member of the Board

The ACF Advisory Board

Professor Omer Rana

Dr Abid Mehmood

Dr Muhammad Irfan

Dr Aqila Yaqub

Rifhat Qureshi

Batool Akmal

Matthew Bevington


Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar is a distinguished Islamic scholar of modern times. His mentorship and friendship has played a fundamental role in developing Assadaqaat Community Finance (ACF).

Through his guidance, I have developed a deeper understanding of the importance and value of Assadaqaat — benevolence, generosity, and philanthropy. These values are the foundation for everything we do.

I am eternally grateful for Prof. Ahmad Rafique’s knowledge, wisdom, and affection. May Allah reward him and accept our efforts in doing good for all our communities worldwide.

Akmal Hanuk – Founder & CEO

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