Eligibility Criteria
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Eligibility Criteria:

The ACF Enterprise Awards is an inclusive programme; open to all members of our communities. 

The following broad eligibility criteria are applied for the applicants to join ACF as a benefactor and/or beneficiary.  You can apply to become a member if you are:

  • Aged 18 years or above
  • A UK resident that has the right to work in the UK, or applying for the right to do so? 
  • Employed full time, Part time or Unemployed
  • Studying or training Full time, Part time or Not studying and/or training
  • Provide two credible references
  • I/we confirm that I/we meet the above criteria

Eligible Activities

  • ACF will finance and support the direct business costs wholly, exclusively/necessarily for your micro, small and/or medium enterprise (tools, equipment, marketing etc.)
  • ACF is UNABLE to support your business, if your business is in any of the following sectors: Gambling – Alcohol, Tobacco – Pornography – Arms and Ammunition or any other sectors that are detrimental to the human health, impact negatively on the environment and/or are ethically and morally controversial.
  • I/We have read and understood the eligible business activities supported by ACF

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