Launch of ‘Assadaqaat Community – Connect’

Essential Support Programme for Individuals & Families affected by the Coronavirus pandemic

Everyone is affected – some more than others!
Join us in supporting our local communities

Members of our communities depending solely on daily wages, zero contracted hours and self-employed are severely affected due to the closure of businesses in retail, hospitality, transport, entertainment, and other small to medium business sector industries in Wales.

ACF has teamed up with ASDA and TESCO to offer special ‘ACF Gift Food E-Cards’.
This is to financially support and empower vulnerable members of our communities to buy essential food and household items from the nominated stores.
These special ‘ACF Gift Food E-Cards’ will be offered to the eligible members of our communities, strictly in line with ACF principles of ensuring respect, dignity and choice to our beneficiaries.
Please join and support us through your generous donations to help the individuals and families who are losing their livelihood, and are struggling to put food on the table for themselves and their families in the coming weeks and months.


Donation to help People affected by the effects of the Corona Virus Pandemic

If you would like to make a donation to help those affected by this catastrophe of modern times, you can make a Donation online
Who can apply to benefit from our Family Support Programme?
All Wales based vulnerable individuals and families who have lost their daily income due to COVID -19 Lock Down, and are in severe financial struggle to arrange food for themselves and their families.
For further details on the ‘ACF Gift food E-Cards and how to apply please see below.

If you need to contact us please email: 

Assadaqaat Community Finance (ACF) is a not-for-profit, innovative and leading provider of financial support and advice to entrepreneurs in the UK, offering a ground-breaking and pioneering financial model based on Islamic Financial principles.
Our vision is to reach out and set free the energies of goodness and benevolence of enterprising people for the common good of our communities.



Donate your Assadaqaat for providing support to people affected by the Corona virus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. ACF is orchestrating a campaign to support families affected by this crisis.

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 Support the communities – THE ACF FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAMME

ACF has teamed up with ASDA & Tesco to offer especial ‘ACF Gift Food Cards’ to financially support, and empower vulnerable members of our communities to buy essential food and household items from the nominated stores.

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Assadaqaat Community finance is providing some assistance to families that have been affected by the effects from the recent Corona virus which includes vouchers from major supermarkets to help ease the burden of food shopping.

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Please note that there are two forms to fill and you need to fill them out completely

  • As part of fulfilling the eligibility criteria for the Family Support Programme, please complete both forms A and B as part of the application process. Once you have completed Part A you will be instantly redirected to Part B the Change Account form. It is mandatory to apply for and be accepted by The Change Account. 

Family Support Programme application Forms:

  • Part A – ACF Family Support Programme application Form
  • Part B – The Change Account Form