Change Makers Awards Programme
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Change Makers Award Programme

ACF in collaboration with Cardiff University ISoc invites you to join our exclusive ChangeMakers programme that aims to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and creativity among the youth by recognising and awarding talent.
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Change Makers Award Programme

What is the ACF ‘ChangeMakers’ Programme?

The ACF ChangeMakers Programme consists of monthly seminars (last Friday of every month throughout the academic session 20/21). The seminars are open for all university students from any discipline at any stage of their studies to learn about and share creative and innovative business ideas. The seminars aim to inspire imagination and enhance understanding about innovative entrepreneurial processes and solutions, providing opportunities for participants to propose new entrepreneurial responses that can help fulfil their own aspirations but also bring positive change in the society addressing contemporary grand challenges faced by our communities.
Change Makers Award Programme Relying on the philosophy of Tafakkur(contemplating) and Tadabbur (reflecting on the universal human values and the current societal challenges), these interactive learning sessions are designed to expand knowledge and strengthen the belief in doing good for humanity for the pleasure of Allah (our Creator). The seminars will help shape participants’ business ideas into a business proposal, which they can submit for the ACF ChangeMakers Awards towards the end of the Programme.
Change Makers Award Programme This is an opportunity to put ‘knowledge into practice’ for the common good and wellbeing of our communities and our environment, applying the universal principles as laid down in the Quran and the practices of the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There will also be an opportunity to understand and apply various aspects and principles of Islamic Finance and its viability for launching entrepreneurial solutions in the current global economic backdrop.

What are the objectives of the ‘ACF ChangeMakers’ Programme?

The end goal is to recognise innovative potential among university students and to select 5-7 individual or collective ChangeMakers during the academic session 2020/21; highlighting enterprising and innovative projects for their thoughtfulness, creativity, value creation and socio-economic impact on the society. A panel of judges will evaluate the proposals, and the winners will be announced at the annual ACF ChangeMakers dinner in May 2021. The winners will be presented with ACF Awards as well as ACF interest free microfinance for launching the newly proposed entrepreneurial initiatives.


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